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What is the symbol for an ion with 63 protons, 60 electrons, and 88 neutrons?

If an ion contains 50 protons, 68 neutrons, and 48 electrons, what is its symbol?

Please help me.. im soo lost in this problem!

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    The atomic number is 63. Look up the element for 63. It's on the periodic table.
    The number of protons + the number of neutrons is the mass number. Since an atom is neutral, 63+ charges(protons) but only 60 negative charges (electrons), that means the ion has a charge of +3 (63+ - 60- = 3+).
    Element 63 is Europium, symbol Eu.
    On the left of the symbol write 63 has a subscript. On the left of the symbol write 151 as a superscript. (That's 63 protons + 88 neutrons = 151 total = mass number). On the right of the symbol, write as a superscript 3+ to show the charge. It should look approximately like this:
    Now you should be able to do the second one. I shall be happy to check your work.

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    Note in the above that the 151 and the 63 should be directly above and below each other.

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    tin 2-

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