Pythagorean theorm

posted by Ruby

i have been workin on this problem for hours and desperatly need help.
Im suppose to solve the following three problems in the pythagoream theorem form and also find the ratios. Can someone pleasse help me =]

Pythagorean Theorem
a² + b² = c²
1.) O = 30° & Ö = 60°
2.) O = 45° & Ö = 45°
3.) O = 0 °

  1. ruby

    can some one please help me, i really really need help. thanks for any help.

  2. drwls

    1) If two angles of a right triangle are 30 and 60 degrees, it is a bisected equilateral triangle. The ratios of the side lengths are 2:1:sqrt3
    The sine of the 30 degree angle is 1/2 and the cosine is sqrt3/2. The tangent is 1/sqrt 3

    2. The sides of this triangle have ratios 1:1:sqrt 2 You can provide this with the Pythagorean theorem

    3. There is no such thing as a triangle with a 0 degree angle

  3. 00fster

    can s0me0ne please help i need my clout tokens

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