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Chem -3A

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Please help me with this problem

Avogadro's Law

A chemical reaction occuring in a cylinder equipped with a movable piston produces 0.58 mol of gaseous product. If the cylinder contained 0.11 mol of gas before the reaction and had an initial volume of 2.11L, what was its volume after the reaction?

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    Did temperature change? I assume it is isopressure.
    If temperature did not change, and pressure was constant, then the volume after the reaction is in proportion to the mole change, ie, .58/.11 * 2.11 dm^3
    Avagradros law: equal volumes of gases (same temp, pressure) contain equal numbers of molecules. If the number of molecules changes, the volume changes accordingly.

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    The volume is proportional to the number of moles present, once you allow the products to return to the original temperature. The movable piston maintains a constant pressure.

    Let V be the final volume.

    V/2.11 liters = (0.58+0.11)/0.11 = 6.27
    V = 13.2 liiters

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