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How would I simplify the following, but leave it in factored form?

[(2x+7)^6 x 5(x-2)^4] + [(x-2)^5 x 6(2x+7)^5 x 2]

If you can also explain how to do it step by step, that would be VERY appreciated. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

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    I changed the variable to y to avoid confusion with the x used for multiplication.

    [(2y+7)^6 x 5(y-2)^4] + [(y-2)^5 x 6(2y+7)^5 x 2]
    (2y+7)^5 and (y-2)^4 are common to both terms.
    bring the common factors outside:
    There are 2 terms in the rightmost factor. Combine like items.

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    An error on my part!
    The last line should be:

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