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"A Song for St. Cecilia's Day"
by John Dryden

According to Dryden in "A Song for St. Cecilia's Day," music:
a)is a balance between the natural and spiritual world
b)has no place in religion
c)should be saved for heaven
d)none of the above

I chose a.

The theme of "St. Cecilia's Day" is:
a)St. Cecilia should be celebrated
b)the role of harmony in the universe
c)music is relaxing
d)music is a God

I chose b.

Other ?'s:

From his diary, we can deduce that Samuel Pepys was a/an:
a)emotional man
b)logical and straightforward man
c)active man in the political scene
d) both b and c

I chose d.

Candide's name was appropriate for his character because:
a) his was power hungry
b)he was ambitious
c) candied means "glory"
d)he was honest and simple-minded

I chose d

Voltaire and Swift both satirize:
a)the people of London
b)the self-serving nature of rulers and governments
c)the educational system of London

I chose d.

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