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If you have the equation y=-1/2x-4
How would you set up a table for the equation for x, y (xy)?

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    Do you mean
    a) y = [-1/(2x)] -4
    b) y = -(1/2)x - 4
    c) y = -1 / (2x-4)

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    It is a table with x in the first box at the top y is in the second box and (xy) is the third box. Now under each varable you are supposed to complete the table using the equation. There are 5 rows down under each varable.

    x y (xy)
    Then solve for x, y and (x,y)

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    But I do not know what your equation is. Do you mean a, b, or c ?
    if it is b then
    y = -(1/2)x - 4 is the same as x = -2(y+4)

    now if y = -1 is given
    then x = -6
    and xy = 6

    if x = -2 is given
    then y = -3
    and xy = 6

    if y = -4 is given
    then x = 0
    and xy = 0

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