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Two charges separated by one meter exert 1 Newton forces on each other. If the magnitude of each charge is doubled, the force on each charge is ______ Newtons.


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    Coulomb's Law is:
    F = kQ1*Q2 / d^2
    k is a constant

    Let's represent each charge as "q"
    then the intial force F1 is:
    F1 = k*q*q / 1^2 = kq^2

    doubling the charge, the new force, F2, is:
    F2 = k(2q)(2q) / 1^2 = 4kq^2

    F2 is how many times bigger than F1?

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    4 times bigger - so I think the answer would be 4 Newtons.

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    4 newtons

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