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help please
i know the acceptable behavior now i need to know ther counter of the acceptaable behavior with an inapporopriate display of emotion

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    for happiness,sadness, anger, and fear

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    I'm sorry, Dawn, but I don't understand your question. Please explain what you want to know. Please explain your assignment.

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    Although your question is not really clear to me, I will try to deal with it.

    Unacceptable displays of emotion might take place under several conditions. The first is that the behavior is unpredictable. Others don't know what to expect from the individual. This is true in all cultures.

    Another thing that would make emotional expression unacceptable is that it endangers the life or limb of that person or others.

    Outside of the above, different cultures and subcultures have varying standards to define acceptable and unacceptable expressions of emotion.

    I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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