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A bird, accelerating from rest at a constant rate, experiences a displacement of 28 m in 11 s. What is its acceleration?

A. 0.21
B. 0.46
C. 0.64
D. 0.78
E. 0.97

acceleration= change in velocity/change in time

and the velocity= change in displacement /change in time

Velocity=28 m/ 11 s= 2.5 m/s
Acceleration=2.5/11= 0.23 m/s^2

Which is close to Letter A, so the answer is letter this correct?

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    The velocity you calculated is the average velocity. The acceleration is the FINAL velocity divided by the time interval. Use instead X = (1/2) a t^2

    28 = (1/2)a t^2 = (1/2)*a*121
    a = 28*2/121 = 0.46 m/s^2

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