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What are the subjects, predicates, adjective phrases, adverb phrases, infinitive phrases, etc. in these sentences?

Manteris, author of Super Bookie, was responsible for making proposition bets a huge business when, in 1985, he offered 20-to-1 odds at Caesars Palace that an incredibly fat lineman named William (the Refrigerator) Perry would score a Super Bowl touchdown.

Waiting for Materis at the Italian restaurant at Vegas' Red Rock Resort, I was bummed I couldn't find someone to bet me what he would look like.

Unfortunately, most of my ideas were illegal, since Vegas has been ruined by lots of laws and regulations over the past few years, none of which seem to have to do with restaurant prices.

So there's no way I'm not going to bet on the Super Bowl, the biggest betting event of the year, despite the fact that I hate football and know nothing about it.

While I don' t know anything about football, I do, as a Jew with pushy parents, know an awful lot about the importance of a good college education.

When I saw my bet go up on the giant screens at the Red Rock casino, I understood the power of creating a new way for people to gamble.

Because real gambling isn't about the odds; it's about the personal narrative you want to project - which, for me, is my need to root for the overeducated elite in everything.

I needed a Super Bowl bet based on my nonfootball expertise, something that would make me feel smart on a day I feel dumb.

Unfortunately for Manteris, there was a rare outpouring of public affectionfor the obese, and when the Fridge scored, the casino lost six figures.

Though Manteris now shuns silly prop bets, it didn't take long to get a gambler like him excited about mine.

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