To Dylan - re English summer essay

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I just reread your posts from this morning, and I'm confused about a few things:

1. The directions clearly state that you are to write a five-paragraph paper.

"In a five-paragraph essay, discuss which author was more successful in creating a good piece of literature. Use examples from both books to explain your thinking."
Yet you have posted six paragraphs and called it your introduction. All that cannot be an introduction.

2. Then the rubric tells you explicitly what to include in your paper:

And the rubric...

The Student demonstrates an understanding of both books

The student demonstrates judgments about the literary quality of each book

the student supports these judgments with examples from both books

the student prepares an insightful analysis of the literary elements in the books.

3. Yesterday, I gave you a general plan to follow for writing your paper.
*Paragraph 1 (Introduction) should be about 4-6 sentences long; the last sentence needs to be your thesis statement.
*Paragraphs 2, 3, and 4 should be about 8-10 sentences each. Each of these paragraphs should have a topic sentence, at least three supporting detail sentences for that topic sentence, and at least five or six commentary or interpretation sentences for those detail sentences. You may or may not need a transitional sentence at the end.
*Paragraph 5 (Conclusion) should be about 4-6 sentences and should echo the introduction without simply repeating it.

If you have questions about anything I've written here or in the post from yesterday, be sure to respond.


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