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Math 116 algebra please check

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Solve using the multiplication principle.

-4x > 1/11

The solution is x > -1/44

Is this correct

  • Math 116 algebra please check -

    You forgot to reverse the greater than sign when dividing by a negative number.

    Take this example: -2*x < 10.
    Pick a number for x that satisfies the equation--: For instance, if x=3, then
    -2*(3) < 10 ----> -6 < 10 is true.
    Solved without flipping the less than sign makes your equation (with x plugged in) gives you 3 < 10/(-2) ---> 3 < -5 WRONG.
    Whenever you multiply or divide both sides of the equation by a negative number, you have to reverse the inequality.

    If in doubt, plug in a number for x that works in the first place, and see if it still works at the end.

  • Math 116 algebra please check -

    So will the correct answer be x< -1/44

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