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1. The metaphor "No man is an island entire of itself" means:

a)everyone should participate in one religion to be unified
b)the puritan views are the correct views
c)all of mankind is a single unit, created by God
d) mankind lives apart from one another

I chose c.

2. The speaker of "On His Blindness" worries that he will not be able to:
a) read the Bible
b)see God's face
c) see the light
d) do God's work

I chose d.

3. The way the speaker addresses death in "Holy Sonnet 10" is:
*This one I'm really unsure about but he doesn't seem to be respectful, kind, or sympathetic..
so I chose d

4. The epic "Paradise Lost: suggests that the culture that produced it is:
a) a christian culture that believes in heaven and hell
b)an unforgiving culture
c) culture full of traditions
d) culture of hopelessness

I chose a.

5. In "The Pilgrim's Progress," Christian's journey symbolizes:
a)heaven and hell
b)any sinner's passage through life
c)the wicked ways of the world
d) both b and c

I chose b.
Could it be d?

6. The point the speaker makes about true liberty in "To Althea, from Prison" is:
a) imprisonment threatens liberty
b) unreturned love is like a prison
c)taking away the right to worship freely
d)prison can take away the freedom of one's mind or soul

Do you think my book made a typo on this one?
maybe a
but, he doesn't face unreturned love, he still worships, and the main theme seems to be that prison can't take away freedom of mind or soul...

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