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hello, i don't quite understand how to do this type of problem:

1. find the exact value of sin (pi/3).

even more confusing is

2. find the exact value of csc^-1 (1).

i would appreciate any kind of help! thank you!

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    I normally like to replace pi with 180.
    = sin(180/3)
    = sin(60)
    What is sin(60)? sqrt(3)/2

    As for csc^-1(1), I like to think of this as its inverse, 1/sin^-1(1). Where in the unit circle is sin=1? That is, where is y=1? 90 degrees

  • trig/pre -calc -

    Since they seem to want angles to be expressed in radians, it might be better to give pi/2 as the answer to csc^-1(1) . 90 degrees is also correct, of course.

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