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Can someone (preferably an english teacher) check my margins? This is the first time I've had to put an essay in true MLA format. He said that he wants the lines double spaced and a margin of 1 inch. However, I don't know whether I'm supposed to put a space between paragraphs now. And I don't know how far down my "Last name Page Number" needs to be at the top of the page.

Can I email my essay to anyone to look at? I need to turn it in tomorrow and I'm scared I haven't done it right.

He said not to bother with a cover sheet, just to put our info at the top.

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    I'm also scared that I've done my margins wrong.

    I've taken a look at my Holt Handbook about MLA formats but I'm still confused.

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    There should be 1" margins all around, and you should turn the "Widow and Orphan Control" off, if you're using Microsoft Word. If you don't know how to do that, let us know.

    If you type the first few lines single-spaced, including your heading information at the top right of the first page, then it'll be easy to set the double spacing. Just press Ctrl + A (to highlight the entire paper) and then press Ctrl + 2. It'll be automatically double-spaced for you, both what you've already typed plus all future lines. No extra space is needed between paragraphs; only the indentation of the first line of each paragraph is needed to indicate paragraph beginnings.

    (Broken Link Removed)
    This is one of the BEST sites around for help with all aspects of using MLA guidelines. Use the list at the left as a "table of contents." For example, click on PAPER FORMAT to see specifics about how to lay out the paper with margins and all that.

    Please repost if you have more questions.

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    Are two spaces after a period required anymore?

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    No. One space after a period is just fine. Be sure to use a plain font -- Ariel or Times New Roman or Century Schoolbook or something plain like those. Font should be 12, I think.

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