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Please help me solve this equation or maybe one like it......I keep doing it wrong.


I also keep doing this problem wrong. I have the answer but I don't understand how its done. Please help!!

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    Each term on both sides has a factor (p+1). Divide all terms on both sides by (p+1). This will simplify it for you.

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    Now I got 6p^2=4-5p(p+1)

    I got it now....Thanks!!

    the answer is (-4/3,-1,1/2)

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    Also, because of the (p+1) term remember that p=-1 will be a solution.

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    What about the first question??? Please help me with that one...

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    I don't think you copied the first question correctly. Did you intend 2 equal signs?

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    I copied it wrong....

    (k+3)^2=(2k-1)^2 .....Is the problem.

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    square both sides, collect like terms and solve.
    Here's the first step:
    (k+3)^2 = (2k-1)^2
    k^2 + 6k + 9 = 4k^2 - 4k + 1

    Combine all the like terms. You might factor it out, but I would suggest using the quadratic equation.

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