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I am to describe the central themes and stategies of positive psychology as I understand it. Did I understand it correct?

The central themes and strategies of positive psychology recognize the importance of building positive qualities in people. It helps people to focus on their strengths and civic virtues while at the same time using different theoretical perspectives to help understand positive emotions, positive character, and positive institutions in human flourishing. Positive psychology focuses on positive individual traits, such as love, courage, perseverance, and spirituality, as well as contentment with the past, finding hope and optimism for the future and obtaining happiness in the present to build human strengths. Positive psychology acknowledges that we are not merely by standers in our personal and social world, but we are actively participants as well. We have external factors such as biology factor and environmental factors that shape our behaviors. Positive psychology studies the freedom people have to choose for themselves or make decision that will impact their decision about changes in their behaviors, or environment that will ultimately give them a sense of more control over their own life. Positive psychology builds on the strengths of individuals so that they can flourish. Positive psychology uses scales to measure human strengths of an individual. These scales are used to help point to ones strengths so that one can build on them. Positive psychology not only tries to acknowledge factors which have led to a person’s problems but tries to build on those positive factors in a person’s life that will help strengthen them.

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    Could someone tell me if I understood the quesiton right with my answer. Thank you

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