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I've got to write an essay in which I explain how the social, historical, political, and religious events of the time period affected literature of that era and tell how the literature reflects what is going on in Britain during that time...

I chose the Victorian Era.

Politically, there was good leadership with Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. They restored the public's opinion of monarchy. also, their national pride and optimism encouraged change.

Historically, there was rapid growth of the British Empire. This presented Britain with a lot to write about. Britain became the most powerful nation and the Industrial Revolution began.
This was good for some people introducing mass production which provided many jobs and cheaper goods.

However, the Industrial Revolution also contributed to poor social conditions. The poor experienced the worst. With terrible working conditions, extreme child labor, poverty, disease, crowded and unsanitary housing, and a high crime rate the poor were miserable.

All these factors contributed to an outburst of literature. Realism became very popular and writers focused on exposing the conditions of the time period.

I'm supposed to include religion and such...
and also literary examples..
I'm just lost on what to incorporate.
And I'm not really sure how everything affected literature.

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    Look at Dickens' Oliver Twist. That is an excellent example of that time.
    It is ironic in that the workhouses and orphanages, while advertising how wonderful they were, exploited the children.

    This is the site for the Themes and Motifs section of Sparknotes analysis of the book.


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