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I need to know as fast as you can. I need to know if this is an introduction:Supplyand Demand: The price of crude oil reached a new record high this week, topping $135 a barrel. Is this an "oil Bubble" or just the sign of more to come. Then I need to know if this is a conclusion:What is peak Oil? The phrase peak oil describes the point at which world oil production begin to decline. Advocates of peak oil concept believe there is afinite supply of oil avaiable. These supplies will dwindle when the peak is reached even though more and more energy and resources will be spent locating and resources additional oil supplies?
I need to know what you think.

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    Separate "Supplyand Demand" = Supply and demand. "there is afinite" is not onw word = a finite. "will be sent locating and resources" needs to be reworked = drop "and resources additional" to "locating additional resources of oil supplies?"

    There ar some spacing problems. "Is this an "oil Bubble" or just" = this is a question, isn't it? Then instead of a period at the end = ?


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