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Question 1. (SEE QUESTION 2 )
A Compound Containing 3 Atoms Of Carbon & 8 Atoms Of Hydrogen Is Combined In A Reaction With Oxygen Molecules. The 2 End Products Of This Equation Are Carbon Dioxide &water. What Element Should You Look At 1st In Balancing This Equation? Choose a.b.c or d?
A. Oxygen
b. Hydrogen
c. Carbon
d. Dioxide
ANSWER IS C.............

Question 2 (sorry it said chemical or element)
When you have finished balancing the equation for the above question, which CHEMICAL OR ELEMNET will have the largest number of molecules in your balanced equation? Choose a. B. C. Or d?
A. The C3H
b. The oxygen
c. The carbon dioxide
d. The water

And the answer to question 2 is it B or D.

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    I've answered this already, yet. Your answer to #1 was/is correct.
    Look at the balanced equation (I wrote the balanced equation in my response.) The correct answer STILL is oxygen BECAUSE there is a coefficient of 5 for O2 and 5 is the largest number in the equations set of coefficients.

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    The answer is oxygen

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