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I am writing newspaper articles on A Tale of Two Cities, here is my editorial so far:

For 18 years my father was secretly and unjustly held in a prison located in Paris, France. I am enraged! The French are robbers who have stolen years away from his life. This entire time my father has been alive, yet because of their ruthless cruelty I have been deprived of the opportunity to know him. We have no relationship as father and daughter, no memories or past, nothing. Nothing, nothing, nothing. I do not even know the sound of his voice.
After the revelation of the truth, I was extremely shocked because I thought my father was dead. The news was all very overwhelming. I was excited, angry, and heartbroken all at the same time.
Nothing could have prepared me to see my father after 18 years of imprisonment. His body appeared very weak and he hardly seemed aware of his surroundings. He did not act as he even realized that he was no longer in prison. When asked his name he replied with his cell number, “One Hundred and Five, North Tower.” It was if prison has wiped away his identity and his existence. He only sat there continuing to work on a shoe.

It sounds elementary to me.
any tips or suggestions?

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    *He did not act as if he even realized
    *It was if prison had wiped away

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    This is an interesting essay, but it is not written in editorial format.

    Check this site for tips on writing editorials.


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