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I am writing a research paper about the developments in literature during the Romantic Period...

In today’s society our interpretation of the word ‘Romantic’ might mean an intimate walk on the beach enjoying the pastel painted sunset-sky, a candle-lit dinner with wine and roses, or even star gazing on a clear night while cuddled up in blankets. However, during the time period of 1785-1832 the word ‘Romantic’ had quite a different meaning. Writers, artists, and philosophers began to embrace a movement in which their work emphasized emotions, nature, and the lives of the ordinary people (Literature). The previous neoclassical styles had been rational and orderly (Literature.) Now people were free to express themselves
William Wordsworth became known as the father of the Romantic Movement (Literary, 689). Wordsworth’s preface of the book Lyrical Ballads exposed his theory which launched the beginning of the Romantic Era. He wrote that his goal was to “choose incidents and situations from common life, and to relate or describe them, throughout, as far as was possible in a selection of language really used by men,” (website reference). Wordsworth also stated that the imagination was important and that “ordinary things should be presented to the mind in an unusual aspect,” (website reference). The book contained pieces from friends Wordsworth’s and Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s “experimental” poetry which became a success (website reference).
The style of Wordsworth and Coleridge was embraced by many writers such as poets George Gordon, Lord Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley, and John Keats.

I wanted to talk about how literature changed, but I'm not really sure how I should finish this paper.

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