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We have to state why the following sentences are not gramatical:
a) Robin forced the sheriff go
(I know there should be a "to" before the go, but I don't get the "rule" of why its gramatically incorrect)
f) He came a large sum of money
g) Did in a corner little Jack Horner sit?
h) Elizabeth is resembled by Charles.
k) It is eager to love a kitten
l) That birds can fly amazes.
n) Has the nuse slept the baby yet?
O) I was surprised for you to get married.
p) I wonder who and Mary went swimming.
q) Myself bit John.
S) What did Alice eat the toadstool and?

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    In sentence a) you need the "to" because "to go" is a necessary infinitive in this construction. Check out infinitives in this site.


    f) He came INTO a large sum of money.
    The way the sentence reads originally, "sum" is placed as a direct object. A preposition is needed to clarify the sentence.

    g) The adverbial prepositional phrase, "in a corner," modifies sit -- so should be placed at the end of the sentence.

    These explanations should get you started. If you post your answers to the rest of the sentences, we'll be glad to give you feedback.

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    I wonder who and mary went swimming

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    Wow thanks a lot!

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    what did alice eat the toadstool and?
    answer: end should be putted behind toadstool

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