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Respond to the following questions (25 points):

1. Which publicly traded company will you use for the final project?

2. Based on publicly available information for your company, can you tell if the company uses an activity-based costing system? What advantages do you think an activity based costing system provides or would provide (if any) for this company? Explain your answer based on the characteristics of activity-based costing systems and what you have learned about your company.

3. Identify any ethical issues that might arise in this organization.

4. Consider the budgeting needs of the organization you’ve chosen. Though the company’s budget may not be publicly available, answer the following questions based on available information and your knowledge of budgets.
List three kinds of budgets you would prepare as part of an operating budget for the organization. Explain why you think each of the budgets would be included in the company’s operating budget.

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