testing and selection of dogs

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please check this for me thank you

You're at the vet's office with your own dog. A breeder brings in a big crate containing a litter of five-week-old puppies. When you show an interest in the pups, the breeder encourages you to handle them. You soon discover that they're a handful. They eventually get loose and quickly spread themselves all around the clinic. They climb on humans, dart in and out of rooms, knock over trash cans to explore the contents, attempt to start games with other pets, and generally get into a lot of mischief. What observations might you make about these pups?

A. They're unruly and wild and probably won't make good pets for most owners.
B. They'll be very difficult to train because they're inattentive to their owner.

C. They probably have serious health problems since the breeder had to bring them all to the vet.

D. Their behavior suggests they have normal, social, confident temperaments.

I picked D

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    Sounds right!

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