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Te gusta usar la computadora?
Si, me gusta:

I know the first part is:Do you like to use computers? Im stuck on the 2nd part.

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum.

    To avoid difficulty with the verb "gustar" which ordinarily is used in the 3rd person singular and plural, do not learn it as the verb "to like" but the verb "to be pleasing to..."

    So, literally the question asks "To you is it pleasing to use the computer?" The answer then "Sí (don't forget the accent mark), me gusta" means "Yes, to me it is pleasing."

    If you were to fill out after the colon, it would be: "Sí, me gusta usar la computadora." Often the "answer" you need it already hiding in the question!


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    Thank you. I have to answer that question with on of these choices:


    I think its mucho which is much/better right?

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    absolutely! Yes.


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