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1. Passport, please.
(What is the full form of this expression?)

2. The traffic lights are composed of the red light, the green light, and the yellow light.

(Is this sentence correct? Can we use 'amber' instead of 'yellow'?)

3. Without this, you can't leave a country and enter other countries.

(In this sentence, what is the meaning of 'you can't leave a country and enter other countries'?)

1) You can't leave a country.
You can't leave enter other countries, either.

2) You can't leave a country,or you can't leave enter other countries.

(Does that mean 1) or 2)?)

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    1. Passport, please? <~~The full version of this is "May I see your passport, please?"

    2. Traffic lights include red, yellow, and green lights.

    3. Correctly written; when you cross a border between one country and another (such as between Mexico and the US), you must show your passport.

    In the last two sentences "enter" and "leave" are two separate verbs, so you need a conjunction to join them.

    1. You can't leave a country. You can't enter other countries, either.

    2. (same as 1)

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