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Write a research paper about developments in literature, science, or society during the Romantic Era.

Does anyone have any websites with good information?
Or any ideas about which direction I should go in that I could elaborate on the most?

Thanks =]

  1. Writeacher

    You should search at www.google.com for the following:

    romantic era
    romantic era music
    romantic era literature
    romantic era science

    Romantic literature and painting and music are probably the most identifiable, especially in contrast with classicism, etc.

  2. GuruBlue

    "Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains," Rousseau had written. Whereas the philosophes saw man in common, that is, as creatures endowed with Reason, the Romantics saw diversity and uniqueness.

    Maybe, literature is a good place to look. People are challenged into new avenues of thought though writers. Rousseau is a great example. you might do some research into how Rousseau helped change the focus of people during this time.



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