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please help me fix the gramma, and give me some comment on the essay, what do i need to edit??

In the story of “The Sky is Gray”, the main character, James, takes the journey from the farm to the town with his mother. During the journey, he suffers many hardships, but also learns many things.
James has a really bad toothache. Before his mother take him to town to get his tooth pulled, he has already suffer from his decade tooth for a long time. Even his toothache has tortured him so much, but he still endures a toothache silently without telling his mother. He loves his mother a lot. When his mother takes him to the dentist, he feels so sorry and blames himself for causing his mother to spend the money for him.
Beside toothache, he also suffers from coldness and hunger. When the nurse asks them to come back later after one o’clock, they have no choice but to come back later. They spent the long morning by walking around the town under a very cold weather. Even James is very hungry, but he still has to conceal his hunger. Because James lover his mother a lot, he doesn’t want to give her anymore troubles.
Under his mother’s tough teaching, James is very strong, and independent. As he describes in the story, his mother’s attitude toward him was really hard. Early in the story, James recalls that his mother made him to kill the bird, but he refused. His mother beat him for his refusal, and eventually he killed the bird. James understands that his mom is not as cool as she does. She just wants him to learn to be strong and prepares him to survive in the tough life.
James also learns that a person’s dignity is really important at the end of the story. When the old woman in the store gives his mother the amount of salt meat more than the amount that she pays, James’s mother refused to get the extra amount.
The time that James and his mother living was really tough. Without the ability of facing hardship, that’s really hard for them to survive in such tough life. James’s mother’s harsh attitude toward James and the hardship that he encounters during the journey had given him the abilities facing every hardships.

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    James, the main character in "The Sky is Gray," travels to town with his mother. During the journey, he ...

    I redid the first sentence to simplify it; it was too wordy. The grammar is fine.

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