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I don't understand how to determine how many accented syllables there are in lines of poetry...
How do you tell?

When the north wind blows its icy air to cool the earth,

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    You have to listen (say the line out loud) to the sounds and pay attention to which syllables are "stressed" (another word for "said more loudly than the others"). I'll put the stressed syllables in all-caps:

    When th' NORTH wind BLOWS its I-cy AIR to COOL the EARTH.

    In that line the word "the" is barely pronounced and doesn't count as a syllable. This line looks like an iambic hexameter.


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    "The earth is the Lord's,and the fullness thereof."

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    The accented syllable is the syllable in the word that you automatically say louder or more clearly.

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    The wrinkled sea beheath him crawls.

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    idk wat a accented syllable is ????????????????????????? :(

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