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cutural diversity

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Should United States government policy favor certain kinds of immigrants? Should [citizenship] preference be given to the neediest applicants? The most talented? The most oppressed? The richest? Should applications from certain countries be given priority

  • cutural diversity -

    Juan, when you have answered these questions with your opinions, then we will happily give your further ideas or suggestions. We do not do your homework for you.

  • cutural diversity -

    its not doing my homework.. this website is help. i already answered the question i just wanted to read others feed back on this issue becaue i find this very intresting...

  • cultural diversity -

    Still... just to make sure... be sure to repost with YOUR OPINIONS on this issue before someone ventures more.

    I have questions, though?

    Any particular immigrants? Legal? Illegal? Talented in what ways? Oppressed in what ways? Wealth earned in what ways? Etc.

  • United Nations and America - disputes -

    What is going on between them now a days?

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