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Chem II - Equilibrium

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6.75 g of SO2Cl2 was placed in a 2.00L flask. At 648 K 0.0345 moles of SO2 was present. Kc for the reaction SO2Cl2 <=> SO2 + Cl2 is _____
3.83 x 10 -2
4.71 x 10 -3
1.12 x 10 -2
6.12 x 10 -4

Ok, on this one, I think I am missing something. Don't I need Kc if I don't have all the amounts of the equation?

  • Chem II - Equilibrium -

    This is just a rerun of the CO2 and NO problem. You must change grams to mols and that to Molarity. You already have mols for SO2.

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