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English (Please Check)

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Referring to Canterbury Tales in Questions 1,2,4

1. The pardoner can be best described as:
a)a courtly gentleman
b)educated and refined
c)greedy and unkempt
d)handsome and polite

I chose c.

2. The Pardoner's choice of story is ironic because:
a) a greedy character tells a tale that teaches against greed
b)it was offensive to the women on the pilgrimage
c)there was no moral to his story
d)he was the least liked of the people on the pilgrimage.

I chose a.

3.In the sentence, "Many of the popular medieval ballads are ghost stories." The word medieval is a/an:
d) pronoun

I chose b.

4. In the story the Pardoner tells, what kills all three rioters:
a)wild boar
B)Sir Gawain
d) They killed each other.

On this question, I know they killed each other, but they killed each other because of greed. Should the answer be c?

5. In the sentence: "Then within two years, King Uther fell sick of a great malady. The word within is a/an:

I chose b.

If you have read Sir Patrick Spens:
6. The knight recommends Sir Patrick Spens for the voyage because:
a)the knight does not like Sir Patrick
b)Sir Patrick is the best sailor
c)Sir Patrick owes the king a debt
d)None of the above

I am stuck between a and b. It says at the beginning that he is the best sailor, but then later it says that this person wished an "ill deed" upon him to send him to sea...
so which do you think I should answer?

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