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Pre Algebra

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the problem is that I have to find the length of x.

Here's what they say:
Find the missing length, when the perimeter is 9x+11

then here are the length that are given on the shape: 2x+3 and 3x+1

How could I solve this?

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    Three sides: add them to get perimeter.

    x + 2x+3 + 3x+1= 9x+11

    solve for x.

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    But the problem is about adding and subtracting polynomials...

    This is what I did...




    but then, if I add both 5x+4+4x+15

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    BobPursely gave this equation:

    x + 2x+3 + 3x+1= 9x+11

    If you only look at the left side, you'll get 6x + 4.

    Your new equation should read:

    6x + 4 = 9x + 11

    Does that help?

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    im not sure?

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    Ok. From here, you need to solve for x. The easiest way to do that is to get x on one side of the equation. Do you know how to do that?

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    yes :)

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