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psy # 5- final revision

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Select one theory of personality and use this theory to tell Michael how this theory explains his situation.

One of the theories that I select is the anxiety disorder. It is a serious condition that is caused by extreme and chronic anxiety, which interrupts thought, mood, behavior, exaggerated worry, unfounded tension as well as physiological activity.
Predictability reduces the level of stress. If Michael knew what to expect when getting a divorce that would have eased his pressures; and also allow him to prepare in advance. In this case, Michael being unprepared for the future, find himself in a situation where he is experiencing chest pains after so many life changes. As a result, Michael’s anxiety progresses or will become worse if not treated immediately. Therefore, it is urgently recommended that he seeks help from a mental health professional; where Michael can regain control of his health by focusing on a plan that can help him minimize his stress. The recommended plan will be for Michael to seek help from a professional; get positive feedback that will help him take control of his life. Beside professionals, there might be support groups, where others will not judge him; but just talking to any friends might get him rejected, which would increase his anxiety.

  • psy # 5- final revision -

    Are you sure his heart problems are caused by stress? Shouldn't he see a medical doctor first to determine the cause of the heart problems?

    Then, if the cause is stress, then the rest of your advice is good. You could also suggest some stress-relieving ideas for him to try.

  • psy # 5- final revision -

    You have not indicated what other symptoms beside "chest pains" Micheal is exhibiting to diagnose him as having an anxiety disorder. This might allow you to determine whether consulting a physician is needed (as suggested by Ms.Sue). Usually medical consultation is recommended to "rule out" physical complications.

    I hope this helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

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