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1. The line "A tree whose hungry mouth is prest" is an example of iambic

2.Which one of the following words is an iamb?

A. Rachel
B. Alice
C. JoAnne
D. Sally

3.What is the most probable reason that rhyme and repetition first found their ways into poems?

A. People wanted a beat they could dance to.
B. They were written for the upper class.

C. Heroes in epics tended to talk that way.

D. The poems were easier to remember and pass on.

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    Mary, we do not do your homework for you. However, after you have put the answers down you think are correct, we will happily make corrections or suggestions.

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    1. C Correct
    2. B Correct
    3. D C STUDY GUID 98-100
    4. A Correct
    5. C Correct
    6. C Correct
    7. D Correct
    8. B C STUDY GUID 90-95
    9. C Correct
    10. D Correct
    11. A Correct
    12. B Correct
    13. D Correct
    14. D Correct
    15. B Correct
    16. A Correct
    17. B Correct
    18. A Correct
    19. B Correct
    20. A Correct

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