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Guess what the pictures are about on this page? On the top left side, two people are carrying umbrellas on the sidewalk. It is rainy in this region. Look at the top right. The trees are shaking hard because of typhoon or tornado. The waves seem to a little high. Look at the bottom left side. The lightening is spreading like roots. There would be thundering as well. To some people, lightening would be great to see. Look at the bottom right. The river or the ground is covered with snow. It is winter now in this picture. Look at the picture in the middle in the oval. What is this called in English. In this thing, there is something measuring the weather. This structure is composed of wood and there are slots in this structure. Can you remember the name of this structure?
Would you check the passage above? Have I used appropriate expressions? And what is the name of the structure related to the weather? Maybe in the structure, there is a thermometer.

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    You misspelled "lightning". The word "thundering" should be just the noun "thunder". Omit the word "now" in "It is winter now in this picture." Use a "?" mark after "English".

    I have no ideas what the "wooden thing with slots" is. A thermomenter has rulings, not slots.

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    Add "be" to this sentence: The waves seem to a little high. Where will you add it?

    Is the wooden thing with slots a small housing in which to mount an outdoor thermometer? The slots could be part of a louvered door or window so the thermometer inside can be read. I'm just guessing here.

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