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What is the name of the product formed by the reaction of propylide ion and 2-chloropropane? I'm having problem because I don't know the formula of propylide ion.

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    the name of the product is 4 methyl 2 pentyne. a propylide ion is a three carbon structure with a triple bond between the second and third carbons and a negative charge on the last carbon. the first carbon is bonded to three hydrogens. CH3CC-

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    That's wrong! It's not right! I have been stuck on this problem for WEEKS!

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    Nope, Kristen is right. It can also be written as 4-methylpent-2-yne but it's the same thing.

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    also written as 4-methyl-2-pentyne

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    thanks for the answer :)

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    Amanda is correct

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    So what happens to the "chloro" part?

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    The chlorine takes the electrons from it's bond and leaves with a full valence and a negative charge.

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    Draw the structure for the product of the reaction between 2-butene and hydroiodic acid, HI.

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