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Does racism only affect individuals of color?

I think that racism doesnt only affect colored people, I think sometimes, not to be rude but that the colored sometimes go against us?
What else could there be?

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    You're right. Anyone can be a racist. This definition from Dictionary.com explains racism:

    "3. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races"

    However, remember that in the U.S., historically the whites ruled and racism mostly went against blacks. It was the whites who owned slaves, forbade blacks to eat in white restaurants, attend white schools, and ride in the front of city buses. It was whites who denied jobs to blacks.

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    so affects everyone, i think in this country still we have racism, not only towards, colored but whites also, am i wrong to think that people are against whites.

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    It's only a small minority of Americans who are racists. Not many people -- of any color -- still practice racism.

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