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You have a very messy sock drawer with 3 blue socks, 5 black socks, and 1 white sock. You pick two socks from the drawer. You pick a second one without replacing the first one. Find each probability.

1) Probability of picking 2 blue socks

2) Probability of picking black than blue

I think I have to draw a certain number of blanks and then write in numbers and multiply... I am only uncertain as to what numbers I need to use..

Thanks for your help!

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    I will be happy to critique your thinking.

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    For the first one, would I take 3/9 times 2/8 because there is a 3/9 chance of picking a blue sock, but then after picking out one, there is only a 2/8 chance. So the answer for 1 is 6/72 ???

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    there were 6 purple socks and 4 orange socks in a drawer. Zucky picked one sock without looking and then another without looking(or replacing the first). What is the probability that he picked 2 purple socks?

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