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A jet airliner moving initially at 300 mi/h due east enters a region where the wind is blowing at 100 mi/h in a direction 26.0° north of east. What is the new velocity of the aircraft relative to the ground?

in m/h at degrees North of east.

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    Add the following two vectors:

    300 i (the air speed of the plane);
    100 cos26 i + 100 sin26 j (wind speed relative to ground)

    The sum is 389.0 i + 43.8 j

    That a means 389 mph velocity component in the east direction and 43.8 mph in the north direction. Take the square root of the sum of the two swuares for the speed, and the arctan of 43.8/389 for the direction north of east.

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    thank you.

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