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I have to come up with a issue statement about a policy and make a chart.

For example: if the issue is to maintian the same tuition cost from 1980 to 1982, then all the groups of people that are involved include
adminsitration, board of trustees, students, parents, faculty, budget committee.

And i'm doing gun control and my issue statement is:
permit gun control to individual given proper training and after taking classes

So what would my groups include?
I came up with the NRA, anti-gun right people(is there another name for that), and the public(is it possible to break up the public into men and women) or should i just say public?

Are there any other groups i can add?

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    Your issue statement is redundant. The phrasing "after taking classes" is the same as "given proper training," right? And do you mean "permit gun control"? Or do you mean "permit gun ownership"?

    anti-gun (you don't need to say left or right)
    over 40
    under 40

    Those are just suggestions. What else can you think of?

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    how about the supreme court, they're the ones who have to make the decision too right

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