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environmental science

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mitigation plan

  • environmental science -

    Mitigation of what? For a definition of mitigation, check a dictionary.

    In environmental science, it means reducing the pollution effects of something (usual human activity), such as air pollution by power plants, ozone layer depletion by chorofluorocarbon release, polution of lakes due to industrial and agricultural runoff, or the extinction of fish species due to the building of dams, overfishing and the destruction of spawning habitat.

  • environmental science -

    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Since you merely say "mitigation plan" here are some sites to visit:

    1. (FEMA):

    2. (part II of #1): (planning guidance): (Broken Link Removed)

    3. (PDF to download): (check list):

    4. (Crime Study; you must be a member to read the entire article, but at least you can read the first part here):

    5. (PDF crime studies):

    6. (PDF criminology):

    7. (theoretical):

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