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what is harder, chemistry or physics? because i've been struggling all year in chemistry and i'm taking physics next year... i have a solid a in alg.2 though... oh yeah, and i want to be a physical therapist. so if i'm not to good in chemistry can i still be a physical therapist...?

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    You may get several opinions since this is an opinion question. Some find chemistry easier and some find physics easier. I don't know what you consider to be not too good in chemistry but a grade of C in chemistry probably will not keep you from being a physical therapist but that depends upon where you are applying for physical therapy school.

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    I had an 89.3 first semester in chemistry, and I have an B right now... I am only a sophmore and I am thinking of applying to Grand Valley. Is it hard to get into the physical therapy major there?? thanks for your opinion i have been pondering on whether or not i'm smart enough to be a physical therapist because i hear the classes are REALLY hard.

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    Grand Valley State University in Michigan is a wonderful school. I urge you to contact its physical therapy department.


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    i know it's good, i live in michigan! i have a 3.5 in high school and i'm not in any a.p. classes but i do extra- curricular activites. i'm smart but not super smart and i struggled in bio and i'm struggling in chemistry but math is a piece of cake for me. should i still consider being a physical therapist. i'm just wanting opinions! thanks i really appreciate the link:)

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    Absolutely, you should still consider being a physical therapist! Continue taking hard classes like physics to challenge yourself. A 3.5 average is an excellent GPA, and I'm sure you'll do well at Grand Valley.

    However, as you take more high school and college classes, you may find that your interests change, and you may decide on another field. The important thing is that you find the career that will bring you the most satisfaction.

    P.S. One of my granddaughters graduated from GVSU a year ago. :-)

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    thanks so much for your excellent uplifting advice! I really appreciate it:) Wow congrats. to her:)

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