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Biomedical and psychotherapy are two basic approaches to treating psychological disorders. A number of approaches fall under the category of psychotherapy, but they all include the following four essential characteristics:

1. systematic interaction between a client and a therapist
2. Based on psychological theory and research
3. Influence a client’s thouths, feelings, and behavior
4. Used in treating disorders, adjustment problems, and to foster personal growth

Briefly explain the biomedical approach as well as the psychodynamic, humanistic existential, behavior, and cognitive approaches to psychotherapy listed in your text.

Ms. Sue can you please refer me to some websites to find some informations for this . Thank you

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    Copying and pasting doesn't seem to be working again.

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    Ms. Sue,

    I just need some informations to do more readings before I start writing tomorrow.

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    These sites have information about psychotherapy. I recommend you start with the Wikipedia article for an overview. The Mayo Clinic article is probably the most reliable source.

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    Thanks a lot Ms. Sue, have a great evening.


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