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Ms. Sue,

What kind of strategies can I use to revise my paper?

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    The best strategy is to let it sit over night. Then, the next day, reread it carefully -- perhaps read it aloud. Does each sentence make sense? Are there grammatical errors? Do you need to change some sentences around? Do you need to eliminate something -- or add to it?

    My longtime companion was an author who had eight books published. He was also a meticulous editor. He would let his manuscript sit for a few days, then go back and revise. He always had at least three drafts, and sometimes as many as five drafts until he was satisfied that it said exactly what he wanted.

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    Ms. Sue,

    How do I know when to accept feedback from another source?

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    You should accept feedback from any source. BUT -- only change your paper if you understand the criticisms and agree with them. If in doubt, seek another source for further feedback. If your feedback comes from a teacher or other expert, take the criticism to heart because this person probably has more experience and knowledge than you do.

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