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i don't know how to search for this question can somebody help plzz
question is :
List as many jobs as you that use trigonometry. net find out what specific training is necessary to be hired for eac job. This is to include the name of the major, the name of the degrees earned, and the number of years required to compelet the minimun education necessary to work at each job. if the job requires vocational training, state the name of the program and the amount of time necessary to compelet the training .include the cost of tuition and fees to compelet each educational program listed. then find out the starting salary and the overall RANGE,of pay one earns for each of these jobs

  • Trig #1 -

    Well, look up:
    Naval Architect
    Civil Engineer
    Landscape Architect

  • Trig #1 -

    Learning to use this website is one of the best things you can do for yourself, now and in the future.

    Read all the directions and use the list at the right.


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