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While there may be opposition from students and parents, dress codes should be enforced in schools as they encourage discipline among students.
This is my thesis statement for an essay :dress codes in schools".
how can I support it with compelling arguments and counterarguments? Any pointers please? thanks

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    Here are a couple of websites that I consider the best ones for ideas for writing persuasive/argumentative papers:
    (Click on Argumentative across the top.)
    (Use the list at the left as the table of contents.)

    In addition, here are some organization-of-information ideas I used with classes of students:


    Formal argument terminology:

    Exordium ¡V draw reader into your position; build common ground; establish tone and style; establish ¡§credentials;¡¨ clarify why this topic and your position are important; build ethos

    Narratio ¡V tell the story behind the argument; give necessary background information; clarify the issue; define the issue in terms favorable to your stance

    Propositio ¡V state your central position carefully and clearly; perhaps set the stage for important sub-points

    Refutatio ¡V stating the opposition¡¦s viewpoint(s) and explaining why they are wrong

    Confirmatio ¡V develop and support your own position/stance; use traditional thesis/ support format (including examples, facts, statistics to support your claim); avoid logical fallacies; argue from authority, definition, analogy, cause/effect, value, purpose; use logos; rank supporting points

    Digressio ¡V optional; touching or entertaining anecdote; brief; build pathos or ethos

    Peroratio ¡V conclusion; review of main points in your favor; reference to position statement in intro; plea for action; end strongly, with conviction

    Other possible patterns of organization:

    First possibility
    „X Intro
    „X Refute strongest opposition point
    „X State own case
    „X Confirm own position
    „X Refute weaker opposition point
    „X Concl

    Second possibility
    „X Intro
    „X Own proposition as open-ended question
    „X State case
    „X Examine and refute opposition
    „X Examine and confirm own position
    „X Concl

    Third possibility
    „X Intro
    „X Offer rival proposition
    „X Offer own position
    „X Confirm own position
    „X Refute opposition
    „X Concl

  • English (continued) -

    First possibilty
    *Refute strongest opposition point
    *State own case
    *Confirm own position
    *Refute weaker opposition point

    Second possibilty
    *Own proposition as open-ended question
    *State case
    *Examine and refute opposition
    *Examine and confirm own position

    Third possibility
    *Offer rival proposition
    *Offer own position
    *Confirm own position
    *Refute opposition

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    You have given me so much clarity on how to write this paper, thank you.

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