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What is the differences between vivre and habiter?

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    The French verbs habiter and vivre both mean to live, but are used in different circumstances. You won't be able to live with yourself if you don't learn how to use them both. :-)

    Habiter is the equivalent of to live in, to reside in, to inhabit, used to express where one lives. Habiter is a reguler -er verb and may or may not take a preposition.
    J'habite (à) Paris. I live in Paris.
    Nous avons habité (dans) une maison. We lived in a house.
    Il n'a jamais habité en
    banlieue He has never lived in the suburbs.
    Cette maison n'est pas habitée. This house is unoccupied.

    Habiter can also be used figuratively
    Une passion incroyable l'habite. An incredible passion lives in (inhabits) him.

    Vivre means to live, to be alive, to exist - it expresses how or when one lives. Vivre is an irregular -re verb.
    Elle vit dans le luxe. She lives in luxury.
    Voltaire a vécu au 18e siècle. Voltaire lived in the 18th century.
    Il vit toujours avec sa mère. He still lives with his mother.
    Nous vivons des jours heureux ! We're living in happy days!

    Vivre can express where one lives.
    Je vis à Paris. I live in Paris.

    Vivre is also used in some expressions.
    l'art de vivre the art of living
    être facile/difficile à vivre to be easy/hard to live with
    la joie de vivre joy for life
    mal vivre qqchose to have a hard time of something
    le savoir-vivre savoir faire, know how, good manners
    vivre le présent to live for today
    vivre sa foi, son art, ses croyances to realize one's faith, art, beliefs
    vivre sa vie to live one's (own) life
    vivre vieux to live to a ripe old age

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