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chemistry-confirm please

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Only a chemist can be trusted with the combination to the safe containing a ton of money. The combination is the pH of solution A, followed by the pH of solution C. (for example: is the pH of solution A is 3.47 and the pH of solution C is 8.15 the combination to the safe is 3-47-8-15) The chemist must determine the combination using only the information below (all solutions are at 25 degrees C)

Solution A is 50.00 mL of a 0.100 M solution of the weak monoprotic acid HX.

Solution B is a 0.0500 M solution of a salt NaX. It has a pH of 10.02.

Solution C is made by adding 15.00 mL of .250 M KOH to solution A.

What is the combination to the safe?

Based on how the yquestion said to state the answer i got 4-17-7-82

is that answer correct?

  • chemistry-confirm please -

    That looks good to me. I obtained 4-17-7-81 but the difference probably is rounding.

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